The DAG Assessment

Dave Daglow

Dave Daglow

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Every exercise and every movement you make provides a visual assessment and blueprint that helps us track your biomechanical pain to its source.  

With every movement you make, professionals trained in DAG Method and Philosophy can gather insight to the strengths your body possesses. More importantly, it will be easy to see which muscles and movements are causing your body’s restrictions. We can determine what’s causing your injuries and preventing you from performing at peak performance by assessing your movements and muscle strengths in a way so simple, yet equally unique. Once your movements have been assessed, it will be a simple outline to which muscles you will need to develop and guide you down a personal path to pain-free performance.  

Looking at movements through DAG’s eyes will allow you to see WHAT needs change and HOW to change it. Understanding where you should start is all determined by where you currently are in the Pain Cycle. Being bullet proof while still performing at the highest level has never had such a logical blueprint.

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