Learn Your Body
The elbow

Imagine a Ulnar Collateral Ligament (UCL) fix that doesn’t involve an incision.
DAG can.

More and more pitchers are getting Tommy John surgeries at an alarming rate.  MLB has no idea why this is happening and has focused on reducing pitch counts instead of truly addressing the cause of this epidemic. DAG recognizes what is causing all of these elbow issues and we can confidently say everyone is looking in the wrong places for the answers. Quite simply, elbow injuries rarely have anything to do with the elbow.  Instead, muscle imbalance and faulty mechanics and movements are the underlying issues. DAG can teach you to see, feel and thus reverse. Once you reverse muscle imbalance and fix movement you will realize your body was designed to throw and swing all day. More importantly, pain in the elbow will be thing of the past. Realize a world where elbow pain will no longer limit pitchers to an artificially low pitch count as long as they are training the DAG way.

Worried about every little pain or just want to make sure your healthy elbow doesn’t get injured? The best part of DAG philosophy and training techniques is that you will understand why your pain is occurring and know how never to let it happen again.  Say “hello” to a pain free career.

If you are not a pitcher, don’t worry because we also have you covered.  Tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow are very similar.  The cause and the fix are one and the same.