this is dag method

Dave's Story

Dave invented The DAG Method after stumbling upon something truly special: A way to predict force in the human body.

When injury lead to the end of his professional sports aspirations, his attention turned to the body.

After chasing every “fix” he could get his hands on, he realized that the methods we have used to heal the body were inadequate, and a hopeful path was born through these contrarian concepts.

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Man in yellow jacket exercising by running up stairs

What we do

We’re empowering people to understand the rules that govern our bodies. We recognized that modern exercise is training us into pain and expediting the aging process by fighting against our universal human design.

DAG is a revolutionary exercise protocol that teaches you to train TOWARDS the perfect design of the human body, unlocking the secrets of pain, performance, and aging.

Why we do It

We believe everyone should be able to live a pain-free life.
We believe that age shouldn’t stop you from playing forever.
We believe in unlimited human potential.

We’ve only just begun to recognize

Football player training by hitting a punching bag

If you are reading this, you have questions and are craving answers to things that no one seems to have a logical answer for. I was here. I am one of you. I created The DAG Method to help us get out of pain. To get back to life!

Dave Daglow


Dave Daglow photo of face cropped

Dave Daglow

inventor of dag method

Our fearless leader, Dagz came out to California to change the lives of others, and has now traveled all over the world to spread the Gospel of Hope that is The DAG Method.

Daniel Roberts

Rain man of the body

Daniel Roberts is Dave’s right hand man. In his own words: “For me, it was sports and sports-related injuries. My passion for The DAG Method started when the methods worked for me! It blossomed when I realized that the DAG Method could work for everyone.

Monica Lesslie

Dr. of Physical Therapy

It’s rare that a doctor ventures in to a world contrarian to their own, but after seeing the benefit that the DAG Method was having on her own clients, she decided to go all in. We’re happy to have a Doctor of Physical Therapy on the team.