Exercise, as we know it,
is ruining our bodies...

Unleash your potential by doing the opposite.


Life happens in front of us.

Every activity in our day is exercise, each one pulling us forward as gravity crushes us into the ground.

We become trained forward-beings from simply living life.

Dave Daglow and Client Working Out
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exercise is unpredictable

Only by predicting force can we create predictable change in the body.

unconventional exercise is the answer

Conventional exercise is working out muscles that you'd never want in a million years.

Dave Daglow and Client Working Out 2
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Unleashing your potential lies in doing the opposite of everything you’ve ever known.

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Everyone asks me, “What exercise is good for me?”

What is “DAG Method?”

DAG training is completely unique -- unlike any other technique on the planet.

The DAG Approach to Pain

Injuries and pain can be devastating not just to an athlete, but to anyone experiencing restrictions in movement.

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Dave Daglow Teaching

I had to throw everything I was told out the window and start from scratch! Then.. a new path of limitless potential presented itself.

Dave Daglow

" A lot of people don't understand that life is pulling us forward, and then we pull ourselves even more forward with the training you do. When you work with Dave Daglow, he's going to pull you back and get you right. "

Professional football player Kyle Van Noy waving to the fans in a stadium

Kyle Van Noy

Linebacker for the New England Patriots

" I could barely walk, and within probably 2 sessions I was able to walk and in 4 sessions I was full-speed running. "

Alec Jones

Catcher for Palomar College

“ The key word is just ‘effortless,’ and that’s what’s going to prolong my career. ”

Matt Corral

Quarterback for Ole Miss

" Some of the top doctors in Southern California told me I was supposed to be out for 6-7 weeks, and Dave got me throwing again in 3 days. "

Tristan Gebbia

Quarterback for Oregon State

“ I could have said that it’s a miracle, but what it really is, is very common sense methods and techniques to strengthen and train the body. Our bodies don’t need to be in pain if we train them the proper way, which is exactly what DAG is doing for me and I can’t thank you guys enough. ”


Client for plantar fasciitis

" I had a lot of pain, a lot of stiffness, and no progress whatsoever. I went to California to see DAG. Right away, after 2 days, I had no pain whatsoever. "

Sebastian Korda

DAG Client