Learn Your Body
The hip

Imagine that intense shooting pain going away as fast as it arrived. Forever.
DAG can.

While the hip bone (pelvis) is designed to take on all of the body’s weight with very little effort, the muscles attached to it are designed to hold weight in very specific places. How do you know where the hips are designed to carry weight? Look at the muscles attached to the hips! Your glutes, psoas and 4 muscles of that make up quadriceps are all in the top 10 largest muscles in your body. You need to learn how use those muscles to position your back and legs correctly into your hip bones. There is a simple blueprint to having your hips work “right” – a design capable of executing your most powerful movements without leg bones rubbing on hip bones or nerves getting impinged.

Have mysterious pain that shoots down your legs and other parts of your body? While hip surgery is very common today, we believe it is one of the most reversiblee pains in the body. The complexity of the hip lies in how many muscles and movements START from the hip and buttocks. Proper hip function is ALL about muscle balance AND understanding how to use your hips to move your body without affecting alignment.

DAG proprietary training techniques solve this biomechanical challenge by predicting muscle forces in the body – thus predicting how muscle imbalances are resolved. Once we have assessed how you use your hip musculature and get you into DAG Method, you will be on your way to new levels of performance a life without pain. The best part? Your biggest muscles are also the muscles needed to attain your sexiest look – tight butt, lean abs, toned legs, and thigh gap for the ladies? Learn to use the muscles these muscles and you will be on your way to feeling the [pain free design of which your body is capable.