Learn Your Body
The Neck

Imagine that pinched nerve subsiding right now, without surgery.
DAG can.

Neck pain can be terrifying. It may be a pain that is localized right near the cervical spine, or it could travel to other parts of the body, such as down the arms, or create a burning sensation in the fingers. Neck injuries are given CAREFUL assessment, and rehab always errs on the side of caution when prescribing exercises. It is easy for a doctor to see WHY the neck hurts because an x-ray highlights how misaligned the vertebrae of the spine are, or an MRI shows a bulging disc or inflamed nerve root. But because the neck has such small muscles, we don’t give a lot of thought to “training” them. Yet training is at the core of your neck issues.

Ideally, our heads are correctly positioned when aligned on top of the shoulders. With a “forward head protrusion,” the head becomes misaligned with the shoulders and the neck is forced to crane forward.  Time and gravity are powerful forces, sculpting our body’s musculature. But those muscles can be retrained to hold the head in proper alignment to get rid of the pain.  DAG training methods “force” the head back up on top of the shoulders to alleviate the improper force of gravity — effectively reversing the time the head has spent in misalignment off of the shoulders. DAG can literally show you how to “keep your head on straight.”