The Predictable Cycles of Pain

Dave Daglow

Dave Daglow

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The Pain Cycle

Has your pain left you thinking that surgery is the only option? Have you met with all the top specialists and still can’t get a clear answer explaining the cause of your pain? What about the path to resolving your pain? I have found that pain has a predictable cycle and the world’s way of dealing with pain has an equally predictable cycle. Medicine, training and rehab have become masters of identifying what is wrong, but the resolving pain? Not so much. Everyone is seen as different. That’s a problem. Can you relate to the cycle below? Does It’s time to break the pain cycle with the DAG approach – a completely new approach with proven training and exercise techniques that get results…often after just one session.

The recurring pain cycle, illustrated in the graphic above, represents the challenge most athletes face at some point in their careers. Sadly, once this cycle starts it can lead to new injuries, cause old injuries to resurface, alter natural movement patterns, and ultimately leave bodies in a position to break, tear, or stop moving. Eventually this can lead to loss of performance, chronic pain, a need for surgery, or additional injuries that seem completely unrelated.

Traditional rehabilitation options rarely address why an injury may have occurred in the first place, leaving you without the critical insight necessary to work towards a permanent solution. Short-term fixes, such as rest, medications, massage, chiropractic adjustments, ice, Eastern techniques and/or “non-invasive” technological procedures may provide temporary relief, but at DAG we focus on what caused the injuries in the first place – improper movement and muscle imbalances. Our proprietary muscle isolation techniques help us quickly discover which muscle or muscle groups are at the center of the imbalance. We then build a specialized strength and performance routine to strengthen these muscles and train you with new habits that will reinforce proper, everyday movements to permanently break the pain cycle and allow you compete pain free.  

The Medical Cycle

Trying to avoid surgery but rest and rehab aren’t working? You’re not alone. This is the typical path faced by most athletes. YOU are the culprit causing your own pain. Your improper movements, incorrect posture, and poor training habits have led you to a place of pain and injury.

Once we are injured we rely on medical doctors to tell us what to do to heal. This is where the disconnect begins. Doctors are structural experts who rely on physical therapy (PT) to return your body to “proper” function. But ask most doctors if they believe PT works, and the answer is a resounding, “No.” PT can sometimes offer short-term pain relief, but it is typically a slow process and can never really fix the underlying issues causing the injury or pain.  Traditional therapy of rest, “stim” and ice just doesn’t cut it.  

Medical doctors might also recommend a chiropractor, nutritionist, personal trainer, an Eastern practitioner … the medical cycle could be endless. Unfortunately, all of these practices may be outside of the doctor’s expertise, and none of these specialists is looking at the whole picture that reveals how improper movement may be causing your pain. Nobody is looking at muscle imbalances that can cause pain and, if not properly addressed, can eventually lead to injury.

While the so-called specialists struggle to fix you, only DAG provides the knowledge and expertise you need to look at the entire picture. Our unique philosophy and training techniques – not practiced anywhere else in the world – break the Medical Cycle and help you achieve proper posture, muscle alignment, and optimal performance. DAG breaks the repeated cycle of pain and injury that leads you back to doctors who fail to alleviate your symptoms through injections or surgery.  

We’ve invented a new approach to sports medicine. We examine every movement your body makes to gain a better understanding of how misuse of your muscles has caused your structure to change. Doctors attempt to change your structure through invasive surgery requiring extensive post-surgical recovery before you can even begin rehab. We change your structure through a proprietary and non-invasive system that includes proper assessments, pain relief methods, and corrective exercises – all in house. If you break a bone you need a surgeon. But if you feel pain and keep getting injured then it’s time to let DAG look at your muscular recruitment and movement habits to get to the core of your problem. We’ll help you return to pain-free play and experience a level of performance you’ve never achieved before.  

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