The DAG Cycle

Dave Daglow

Dave Daglow

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You’ve read about the Predictable Cycles of Pain, today I want to introduce a completely new way to achieve optimal physical health and pain-free performance – the DAG Cycle. I built the concepts and techniques from my own experience, obsessive research, but, most importantly, studying the exceptions, not the norm. I found that medical studies were more often than not studying “broken” subjects. They weren’t really trying to answer the question of how to “fix” pain, they were only offering observations of things that may work for some, but not others.

I was the “others”.

It was a journey; an experience, instead of an education. And out of my pains, successes, observing other pains and successes, and ultimately throwing out every concept I had about training a “healthy” body, I started to see a completely opposite way of looking at the body, training its muscles, and teaching movements. If you can’t figure out your pains or reaching your success story or goals, isn’t it possible that you continue to work hard to change your body, but you need the opposite work to set you free? That’s what I found.

Muscle become imbalanced because we don’t understand simple, life changing concepts. DAG Method recognizes that muscle imbalances are keeping you from using ALL of the muscles of your body due to the fact that most people assume they are working everything when, in fact, they are only working the muscles they are good at using. An example would be getting your core stronger, because the doctor or therapist says you need a stronger core, in order to relieve your back pain. They aren’t wrong! But, what if the exercises they are giving you can’t work the one muscle you need without working out all the other ones you don’t?

That’s what I realized was the problem. The Pain Cycle can’t be broken without being able to workout certain muscles while avoiding working out other muscles. That’s how the body works. The body uses one muscle and indirectly uses an opposite muscle. In order for me to fix myself, I needed to isolate the muscle being used. DAG Method was my solution. I realized it worked for EVERYONE, not just me! It was too good to be coincidence, and thus too important not to share.

It is so frustrating knowing you are going in circles. Wasted time relying upon a group of experts who might agree on the source of your pain, but disagree on the approach to fixing it is an exhausting and painful process. I didn’t have time for HOPING that anything will ever be normal or possible without a reliance on more doctors, Eastern medicine, a change in diet, medications, resting and waiting for results. I know if you reading this, you can share that emotion.

DAG Method delivers predictable results because it is the only technique that can predict which muscle in your body gets stronger, but, as important, which muscle does not!

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