What is “DAG Method?”

Dave Daglow

Dave Daglow

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Training is the fun stuff for DAG. You’ve gone through the process of dealing with pain and alleviating it as well as rehabbing your body to better understand how to train without pain and why pain occurs. Now it’s time to put it all together to get you back to playing, moving, and competing at your highest level. DAG training is completely unique — unlike any other technique on the planet. Our approach helps you build upon the rehab strength you’ve been working on and apply it to your game — even at the highest level of athletics.  

DAG training principles and movement techniques will keep your body moving effortlessly and pain free for the rest of your career. Keep yourself balanced with DAG and we promise you will stay healthy and productive throughout your career. As you learn all three steps of DAG pain alleviation, rehabbing and performance, you will understand your potential to heal, prevent injury, and play at a level you thought was impossible — even for an accomplished athlete such as yourself. If you aspire to reach a higher level in your sport, DAG can help you get there.

DAG will change your life by changing your view of what is possible. 

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